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 Family Lawyers

Our Goal

We aim to bring the city’s legal experience to the suburbs of South/South East Perth and beyond. We are committed to building the region and providing top-quality family law, wills, and estate planning legal services. We are different in that we embrace technology and find ways to connect with you so that you can take that first step in your legal problem.

A highly experienced lawyer leads our team with over 22 years of practice across multiple disciplines.

We believe in making legal services accessible and affordable to everyone. We are committed to providing a client-centred approach and aspire to achieve a resolution utilising our team skills in alternative dispute resolution, mediation, and collaborative practices. We aim for clarity and transparency in what we do and offer fixed fee arrangements tailored to each case’s specific needs.

We understand the emotional and mental stress that separation, breakdown of a relationship or death of a loved one can cause, and we are here to guide you about your legal rights and listen with compassion. We are here to help you move on because our priority is to provide our clients with the highest level of service and support through every step of their legal journey.

Our Team

Doris Matias-family lawyer

Doris Matias


Maya Farah-Law Clerk

Maya Farah


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As Lawyers we sincerely uphold our responsibility of positively changing the community. We are passionate about making a difference and are inspired to work with like-minded people in making our community a better place.

We understand your legal problem, and we are here to help you.