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Our Services | Family Law

Divorce & Separation

Legal services that assist couples who want to dissolve their marriage or end their de facto or same sex relationship. Arrangements will include filing an application for divorce, negotiating financial settlements, and navigating child contact time and parenting arrangements.

Parenting Arrangements & Children Matters

Legal services that deal with disputes involving children, such as child custody and access arrangements, as well as child support. These services aim to protect the best interests of the children and ensure that their rights are respected and their needs are met.


Mediation, Arbitration and Collaborative Practice

Alternative dispute resolution services that help couples reach an agreement without going to court. Mediation involves a neutral third party who helps the parties negotiate and find common ground. Arbitration involves an arbitrator who hears evidence and makes a binding decision.

Property Settlements, Consent Orders & Financial Agreements

Legal services that assist couples in dividing their property and assets, including real estate, investments, and superannuation interests and capturing financial arrangements by way of Consent Orders or Financial Agreements.

Family Violence & Restraining Order

Legal services that help victims of family violence obtain protection orders. These services also help parties to restraining orders navigate the legal system and access other support services.


Wills & Estate

Legal services that assist individuals in creating a legally binding document
outlining their wishes regarding the distribution of their assets and property
after their death. It involves drafting a will to protect your assets and wealth for your family.

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